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About BLTC Press

Greetings, this site is just getting warmed-up (slowly) in connection with the recent publication of Growing Up Psychedelic: Becoming Human in a World of Spirit – the first print edition from BLTC Press, not so coincidentally authored by the Publisher and Chief Bottle-washer, yours truly, David Eyes.

Back around 2007, I had become very keen on acting out my wannabe publisher fantasy in the brand-new world of ebooks. I actually began some months before the launch of the Kindle, developing ebooks for the Sony Reader (which soon went by the boards in the wake of the success of the Kindle). We published (and still do) an eclectic list of public domain titles. Search BLTC Press on Amazon, you’l find them!

Why BLTC Press? (pronounced “blitzy”.) On the theory that I was “following my bliss,” I looked to the sources of my love of books for what I felt to be three primary influences from my earliest childhood: The Little Engine That Could, Blue Ribbon Puppies, and Stone Soup. How and why these came to influence me is another story.

TLETCBRPSS are the initial letters of the titles. I quickly extracted, anagram-wise, the word “PRESS” and took the leftovers and went with BLTC — sort of like a BLT sandwhich with, “sie” on the end. I liked the sound “blitzy,” and there you go.

Imagine my surprise when rather soon after that, a web search reminded me of another coinage of BLTC — “Better Living Through Chemistry,” originally a slogan of DuPont Chemical that was co-opted in the sixties as a rallying cry for (principally) psychedelics like LSD.

And here we are all these years later, with psychedelics as a big part of our first print title.

You can read more about the book and the author at or buy it on Amazon.

NOTE TO THE BOOK TRADE: The title is enrolled in Amazon’s extended distribution program for POD books. Talk to your distributor, they should be able to get it even if it is not currently inventoried by them.